About Us

Company Profile

Ejuraman Rural Bank Limited (ERB) was incorporated as a Limited Liability Company on 10th May, 2007 and received its certificate to commerce business on  22nd May 2007. The Bank has been licensed by Bank of Ghana to carry out financial services to its customers. The Bank has its Head Office in Ejura  and has 4 branches at Roman Hill, Ejura, Amantin and Atebubu. Ejuraman Rural Bank is committed to providing customer – oriented financial services by knowledgeable, dedicated and well – motivated staff aimed at increasing rural communities livelihood.

Mission Statement

We strive to provide exceptional service and value to our customers in our local communities. We seek to pride ourselves on being a financially sound and ethically responsible organization which endeavors to work towards ensuring the long term satisfaction of our clients, employees and community. Aspire to satisfy the unique needs of rural businesses, non-profit organizations and municipalities alike by making banking costless and accessible to all. 

Vision Statement

We seek to be the preferred bank by clients from all customer segments by offering comprehensive and value adding financial services in rural banking and investment advisory while maintaining leadership in micro-finance.

Core Values

Our core values describe how we act in accomplishing the tasks leading to achieving our vision and mission. They create the desired culture, since they are the principles that guide the behaviors of all employees. Our core values include the following;

• Leadership: ERB is poised to exhibit leadership in rural banking.
• Innovation: We always find innovative ways of doing things for better satisfaction of our customers and shareholders.
• Service: We believe that the only edge we can have over our competitors is not a bouquet of financial products we offer but satisfactory and excellent service delivery

Management Team